10 thoughts on “Automatic spin

    1. Small secret: I dumped lots of collage pieces on the desk, cut out a few paper ‘frames’ and used them to search amongst the pile for vorticist pictures. These are a couple I photographed. I’ve turned the first into a print (to be posted later today), the second I’ve not done anything with. I have concluded I may be a better artist the less I’m involved!

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      1. OA, I think one of your skills as an artist lies in composition, the selection of shapes and colours and the capacity to know when to leave well alone! It’s a very special skill! And I love your titles – I am enjoying your discourse with Josie about them!

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        1. That is a very lovely thing to write, Sue. Thank you. When I started blogging I was resolute that I would not be drawn on my blog titles, but Josie has been tenacious and has somehow got a partial explanation from me!

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    1. Thank you, Josie. This title is easier as it is connected to the image. From a pile of collage pieces, unceremoniously dumped, I looked for possible vorticist pictures using a cut out frame. Therefore, all very mechanised and random. Automatic Spin. Ta- dah!

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      1. Exactly. That is my point. The nomenclature is disturbingly literal-minded. Where is the wild and creative random anarchy I love? The disjunction? The aesthetic clash of perceived realities?
        This is most problematic.

        Where is Ethel?
        (But even so, nonetheless, etc – I recover, I am resilient and patient. I will survive and overcome and persist. And I do appreciate your work. And your titles. Thank-you for sharing both.)

        Cheers to you.

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