10 thoughts on “Dark Days

  1. You told me once that I could recommend you a book in Spanish (perhaps written by a Spanish author). And it just occurred to me, now that I have seen your post, that I have one for you. A beatiful book about the life of books back from ancient times. A beautiful voyage. The title is “El infinito en un junco” by Irene Vallejo. I hope you can reach it and if you do, I sincerely hope you like it 🙂

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    1. I see there is an English translation out in November this year! Although, with my budget, I will need to wait for the paperback version, or better still a library copy. Thank you for remembering me! At university I enjoyed writing an essay on the role of monastaries for protecting books and libraries during the Central Middle Ages. In fact, you’ve sparked some memories for me, I’ve just been googling my two lecturers from that course.

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      1. I’m so happy it did bring you those memories. I also liked to dwell on those ideas (I still do), also the illumination of books, codexes, etc. I already have the paperback edition in Spanish. I completely understand. Anyway, it’s a pleasant journey through the pages. I’m glad we meet on this matter. Thank you!

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    1. It would be nice if that phrase only conjured thoughts of weather and atmospherics, wouldn’t it? Turning to nature for solace is not quite the same anymore. I’m dreading our unprecedented heatwave next week. Ominous, heavy rain clouds would be welcome.


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