8 thoughts on “Where we go

    1. I hadn’t seen this film, but you have reminded me, I did see his exhibition of ipad paintings several years ago, that visited the same lane over time! this is one https://images.app.goo.gl/hWBhZU9r4kZPuHxP6 More than a little inspiration I would say, but I had consciously forgotten it! It really helps me to step out of my own mind and see how others see my paintings. I go off things and then I am surprised when others like something. N.b. i think if I had an assistant, I might give plein air painting a go! Thank you for visiting, Sue.

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  1. I do like the way Hockney keeps repeating one scene but keeps each piece fresh and interesting – and I am sure you’ve seen his 82 portraits with everyone sitting on the same chair.
    I admire the way you too persist with a scene and with portraits – I am not as diligent! And yes, wouldn’t it be nice to have an assistant doing all the extra work! All the best. Sue

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