4 thoughts on “Oil vs Acrylic

  1. I’ve been looking at these two works again and am not really sure which is oil and which is acrylic – the colours seem more vibrant in the second one. Is that the acrylic? There are such subtle but important differences between them. I wonder which medium you prefer? You have inspired me! Sue

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    1. Hi Sue. The first is oil. I too was trying to judge the differences between them, both on the paper and in my head! In the summer, in the loft, acrylic, even with a medium, becomes unusable. That annoyed me last year when I wanted to paint, so I thought I would try oils. That has opened a can of worms! I wasn’t prepared for how it would affect the way I paint! I’m still working through this. I wasn’t particularly happy with either of these, so went back to them recently to try and make them the pictures I would have wanted them to be if I hadn’t picked up oils. They’ll be posted shortly. I’m reserving judgement on which I prefer, but I have noticed it has upset my use of acrylics too! Turmoil here!

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