9 thoughts on “From elsewhere

  1. When I look at these OA I don’t see landscapes but rather buildings, farm buildings, simple buildings with tin/iron roofs… the only landscape I see (in my mind’s eye) is that of the brown paper surrounding these buildings… hope that makes sense!

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      1. Maybe it’s because you were working on a church building prior to these landscapes? I dunno. Buildings or ruins (especially) within a landscape, (even ruined trees,) add something somehow… character maybe.

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  2. Yes, fortunately or not it is a fact that humans have had an effect on the natural world/the land(scape)… (by the bye I heard on the news that a very large chunk of iceberg in the antarctic just broke off from the main body !) Still, as consolation we are getting near to the time when humankind will be colonising Mars (and no doubt destroying that planet it too!)

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  3. I like all of these. They are very textural and emotive to my eye and that has a special appeal. That’s probably one of the things I enjoy most about plein-air painting and being within the landscape experience.

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    1. Hi, thank you. I’m glad other people like these. I ‘see’ places in these scraps, a line a horizon, a blob a tree, a speckle a field, but often wonder if anyone else does! Lokking closely at my surroundings does seem to burn landscapes into my mind.


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