14 thoughts on “Whistle

      1. Yes.not cheap. Wondering about making one. But how are you doing it? Wooden spoon? I’ve been putting book on top then standing on it but it’s not even the way a roller would do it.

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      2. I use the baren type thing that came with the kit I bought. Better than a spoon or roller I find. Making one? I would be curious about that. Only thing I haven’t tried is driving over in car.

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      3. No, you’d have to hold an elephant at the same time and remember to shuffle your feet.
        I’ve used a press at a workshop. It was marvellous. Have you got a print shop in Birm? You can join and get use of the studio and press. We haven’t got one here

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      4. Yes
        I became a member several years ago nit could never get the time to use it. I’d have to rejoin and go on the courses again to use the presses. Likely shut for covid.
        Love the elephant idea.
        I have found a design for a home built press. I’ll explore further.

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