4 thoughts on “Afternoon in the clouds

  1. Love your sketches. A few questions for you:

    * Did you have any formal training at all? Looking at the perspective in your landscapes, I suspect so.

    * What pencil grade do you prefer? Looks like a fairly soft, dark one.

    * What size is your sketchbook? A5?

    Not that any of this really matters. I’m just interested.

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    1. Hi Chris. Happy to answer questions. I studied Art at ‘A’ level between 16-18 years old. Since then, occasional workshops/short courses. Excellent tutors/artists through Adult Education. Pencils, I need to buy some, I’m using HBs or Bs and Carbon Pencils for sketching out and about at the moment. I don’t like too soft as you have to keep sharpening them!
      Sketch book, usually A5, but I’m trying to use up a couple of A4s as well. I don’t like carrying much. Best Wishes, OA

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  2. Ah, I didn’t know about the distinction between a graphite and a carbon pencil. (Just did a little bit of reading.) I’ll have to try those.

    I bought some more A5 sketchbooks recently, and I think they’re just the right size for portability. A4 feels too big.

    Thanks for your answers!

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    1. You’re welcome. For sketching, I think it’s important to feel comfortable. What comfortable is, is different for different people, so you need to find your own ‘kit’. Also how long you spend sketching is different. When I go with Kestrelart, I do about 5 to every 1 of his sketches!

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