23 thoughts on “Yet to be written

      1. Oh good I’m not the only one hoarding old fabric scraps and rags- I hate throwing out old cloths and try to repurpose them as cleaning rags- but if they get to rag- edy I find they are great stuffing for paper mache sculptures! 🤗

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      2. I would like to say I revel in collecting- but really I just hoard 🙄- I always say “I am going to use this in a project “- and every once in a while I do 😊

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      1. I saw one made recently where they backed the fabric onto another piece of fabric and made it into a slip cover for the book, rather than a permanent cover. I was thinking of trying this out for the sketch book I took on my recent mini get away down the coast. My partner made the book up to the final cover stage and then left it so I could think about what to do with the cover.

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      2. I’ve not left enough fabric to fold, so thought I’d stitch on corners inside to slip some cardboard under. Then I’ll have to think how to attach some pages! I will bodge something eventually. I think covering a sketchbook is a wonderful idea. Make sure you blog about it (Note to self: use fabric that will fit a book that is already made next time!)

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