18 thoughts on “New Game

            1. Now you’ve made me think of those cut out paper chains of men. I used to felt tip them in with distinct clothes and features and give them names. We can people our own worlds! Would love to see your new paper dolls, I particularly liked your painted stick people posted recently and that has gone into my ‘ideas’ mental draw. They’d look good lined up on my terrace. Pity I don’t live near you, I would follow behind on your art drop off and nab everything!


              1. Thank you. As for the stick people, I think you might enjoy making your own, they are easy, and from what you say about paper dolls, I am sure you would have a great crowd of them before you know it. two requirements for the sticks, hit any candidates against a hard surface to make sure they are not rotten, and..wash them in the dishwasher to get rid of bugs. Otherwise a difficulty free experience! As for the holding hands paperdolls, I remember when my grandmother showed me how to do them, it was a revelation kind of moment and I made lots and lots, doing the same thing as you, giving them their own outfits and faces. I liked to stand them up as a group, displaying them in windowsills.

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      1. Sort of for boys as well. But I think it was different, at least for me. I mean this was the sixties and seventies. There was not much to do. But the impression I get is that my sister was identifying with the paper dolls trying on the clothes, whereas I didn’t. So when I see my daughter on Instagram, I think she’s doing something similar using electronics, playing with her self image, identifying herself through how she is seen. My son doesn’t do this at all. So this is a gendered thing in my own experience. I guess this is likely conditioning but unclear how it happened.

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        1. That’s interesting. I was seeing it more like how we dressed a teddy bear, but it was also a way, I guess, of experiencing having lots of different, nicer clothes. My kids had wooden pieces of bears where you could mix and match bottoms, tops and heads. I liked playing with them too!


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