10 thoughts on “Surfin’ Bird

    1. More a tying off of loose ends. My daughter sewed the material together for this at a workshop many, many years ago and we said we’d stuff it at home. It’s been lying around the house, looking sleek and elegant, like a swallow. When I stuffed it, it turned into a chubby chap!

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      1. That does tend to happen. I’ve started a small fabric piece- well mixed media with fabric- I think I will be doing more as it’s much faster sewing a few stitches than my usual obscenely time consuming paper mache sculpting.

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      2. I think WordPress is great for getting into more detail than other social media. I use Instagram to- but I only do a little caption with each pic. On WordPress when I have a WIP I just take photos as I go and add commentary with each.

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