5 thoughts on “One plus one

      1. Not necessarily- it specifically reminds me of some window panes I saw in the VMFA – I think they were made in Germany in the 1500’s- they had large areas of clear and golden yellow glass and the details were painted on with some kind of enamel that worked as a gray. The color scheme was spartan but effective.

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      2. OK. Only a couple of weekends ago I was at a stained glass repository and there was a have-a-go painting session on. I didn’t have a go, but quickly asked what the traditional ‘paint’ was made out of. The only thing I can remember is that rust played a big part in the yellowy ones. The repository saves windows from decommissioned churches.

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      3. I think they make a special enamel for glass windows to paint on fine details- a stained glass shop should stock it . If not I’m sure Dick Blick has it- I think it’s called “ vitrel “ (?)

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