13 thoughts on “How many’s a set?

  1. So you made some! it seems you had as much fun making them as I did, and I understand your “obsession”, as I have made hundreds of them myself! But, tell me, with what did you covered your blocks? They look quite nice. And, thank you very much mentioning my name, it is really appreciated. Looking forward for your future posts to see what you will do with them!

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    1. Hello Francois. I’m glad you like them! They are covered in fabric from my stash which is mainly made up of old, interesting patterned clothes I’ve kept. That gives me a personal connection with the blocks. There’s my son’s old pyjamas, daughter’s dresses when she was little, even umbrellas we’ve had! Friends have chosen the tiles to make up a few boxes, so I have written their name on a slip of paper and sealed it inside. When I have a ‘set’ (I think that will be when the boxes are full), I might do some bigger ones. I think this will run and run!

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  2. I love these. It makes me think of the many sets of small tiles I have made, hundresds, if not maybe a couple thousand, and each one leading to the next. I am not doing clay anymore and I have been searching for a new form to make (as you say, it is good to make something) in a series that becomes a body that can be arranged…You have inspired me. Thank you. And in reading the comments I enjoy that the coverings are fabrics that have meaning to you. As someone who has sewn all her life, fabric is familiar and special to me at the same time, and I understand how it fits with this artform. Just wonderful.

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    1. That is marvellous, Claudia. Great to hear that we value similar things ans have them inspire us. Have you evee sorted your tiles into ‘sets’? That sort of making/collecting, assembling process intrigues me. Also I am inspired by Francois Cloutier’s blog. Do you know it. I think it is francoiscloutierart.wordpress.com


      1. Yes, I also follow the blog and have been mulling over the concepts I see there, as to how I would like to try something similar, and in what way. My tiles, I have given them all away, I leave them in parks and so on (i don’t know if you follow my personal blog, that is where I have written about it). There is something about the making and sorting and arranging of collections that I find soothing and calming.

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      2. Me too! I was thinking, I must start a new, similar project. The repetitiveness turns quickly into ritual. I love it! Yes, I have seen your art drop-offs and have often thought I’d like to find one. If you ever come to the UK, you must leave some in our parks!

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      3. Wherever I travel, I leave art behind, so who knows? The UK, maybe it could happen! As for the idea of repetition turning into ritual, that is exactly what I am looking for. I am closing out various activities I have done for a long time, it is time to do that, and I am wanting to go in this direction of a piece by piece, undirected as to outcome, but with a thread or theme, and I know I want to find making them calming and meditative and also something that in the end I don’t have to keep but could let go.

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